Man Chino Pants

IDR 335,900.00 479,900.00


- Celana chino basic nuansa earthy tone 
- Warna Brown
- Mid rise
- Unlined
- Regular fit
- Kancing dan resleting depan
- 2 Kantong samping dan belakang
- Material katun twill

Lingkar pinggang x Lingkar pinggul x Inseam x Front rise
- 34 in (84cm x 106cm x 81cm x 26cm)
- 36 in (86cm x 112cm x 81cm x 27cm)
- 30 in (72cm x 98cm x 79cm x 25cm)
- 32 in (80cm x 104cm x 81cm x 26cm)
- 29 in (68cm x 98cm x 79cm x 24cm)

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